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Commercial Food Service Design Consultants
Fees are based on actual square footage of your Kitchen and Bar areas only. Seating areas are not included in the fees unless requested. We provide one complete electronic set of plans using AutoCad drawn at 1/4" = 1'-0" scale and includes the following;

A. Equipment Plans, Equipment lists and Health Department Notes
B. Fully Dimensional Electrical Plans, Details, Notes and Load Schedules
C. Fully Dimensional Plumbing Plans, Details, Notes and Load Schedules
D. Fully Dimensional Special Conditions Plans, Notes and Details
E. Design Intent Shop Drawings for Exhaust Ventilators & Walk In Cooler/Freezers
F. Itemized Equipment Specifications for Permitting and Bidding Purposes.
G. Equipment Brochures for Permitting and Job Site Coordination.

We require Autocad files from your Architect in order to begin the design process. We do not provide any building design services, such as sizing grease traps, incoming water lines, electrical service panels, sanitary lines, etc. This engineering is to be done by the project engineers usually whom is hired by the architect or the owners themselves. We provide the food service requirements as shown above and the engineers size the building services accordingly.

We stage the design process in three Phases as follows;
1. Schematic Design - Initial planning, Establishing Budget and Concept Development with the Client.
2. Design Development- Intermediate planning, revisions and equipment budget review with the Client.
3. Construction Development- Final vendor selection and utility drawings are prepared along with the itemized equipment specifications and brochures.

We also offer as additional services jobsite inspections for utility roughing in, equipment installation, equipment inspections after installation with punch list and walk through with Health Department at their final inspection. We coordinate with the General Contractor and their trades if requested. Another service is Project Management of the entire food service process which includes obtaining three competitive bids for the food service equipment and coordinating with our clients on procuring the equipment. Paying for and obtaining Building & Health Department Permits are the responsibility of the Owners.

As mentioned above, we provide to our clients, one electronic set of equipment brochures for each new piece of equipment being specified. This allows the Client to preview the equipment prior to procurement and gives the project engineers and architects information vital for building planning and design. These brochures are also used for submitting to the Health Department by the Architect or Client. General and itemized specifications are prepared along with the brochures for obtaining competitive bids and procurement. Electronic Cad Backgrounds are required from your architect in order for us to provide accurate, detailed designs.